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Artificial intelligence, Big Data processing, IT system integration, Web and mobile applications, Service and application monitoring

We combine different technologies!

About Us

We are a young, dynamically developing enterprise. Not so long ago, we started from providing programming services to support projects implemented on the Polish market by large companies. However, we were unsatisfied: we wanted to develop our own projects and respond to the demands of the market. In addition, an idea was born for our own project aiming to support Polish higher education institutions – we are currently in the process of deploying it.

We develop software adapted to our client's needs, using innovative solutions. We are experienced in:

  • developing web and mobile applications,
  • providing service- and microservice-oriented architecture, both ESB and microservices,
  • applications and services monitoring,
  • providing smart solutions based on artificial intelligence.

We are constantly developing ourselves, particularly towards the analysis of big sets of data, otherwise known as Big Data. We take part in industry trainings, which keeps us well- oriented and up-to-date as regards the latest IT knowledge and the IT market.

Are you looking for innovation, do you want to improve your product or are you perhaps looking for an IT specialist to aid your own projects? Contact us and we will present you an offer tailor-made for the needs of your enterprise.

Are you a software developer who is searching for a job in an interesting team? Feel welcome to fill out our contact form. We are looking for people ready to take on new challenges and willing to work in ambitious projects.

Why us?

Why us? Because we combine technologies.
We combine different technologies
Our team includes specialists in various disciplines. Teamwork and seeking out the best solutions is a standard for us. We squeeze out the potential of all our team members and mix different technologies so that the solutions we supply correspond to the needs of your enterprise as closely as possible.

Why us? Because we create with passion.
We create with passion
Our team is a group of enthusiasts who know the latest technologies and trends in IT. Seeing gaps on the market, we keep on seeking the best solutions. We keep ourselves up to date and enrich our projects with novelties. We develop software which we would eagerly use ourselves.

Why us? Because we are future - oriented.
We are future-oriented
Information is key in the world around us. Drawing the right conclusions from amongst the plethora of available data is what paves the way to success. We are constantly developing ourselves and going beyond the realm of regular software development. We use artificial intelligence to take full advantage of the potential offered by the available data.
About Us


We offer outsourcing services, which will allow your enterprise to achieve its goals. We are here to provide comprehensive solutions exactly where they are needed. Our strengths include lower costs for your enterprise, access to specialists in different fields, flexibility in action, time saving – which will let you focus on your business goals – and the highest quality standards.

Software Development Outsourcing

  • Web and mobile applications

    We develop dedicated software in the form of web and mobile applications. Our services involve the deployment of customised projects tailor-made for your needs. We also provide post-deployment support. Our team is flexible and agile, spreading software development over several stages – you can check work progress at each one of them via online access.

  • Services and applications integration

    Does your enterprise operate on several different IT systems? If so, it would be a great idea to integrate them. One of the solutions to employ in such a case could be the development of a monolithic service-oriented architecture, that is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). We will optimise its operation for the needs of your enterprise so as to streamline the communication between your systems.

  • Data analysis and applications and services monitoring

    In the field of Big Data analysis, combining the Elasticsearch engine with a Hadoop gives immense possibilities. We also offer configuration of a tool for event viewer management, which allows searching for and analysing data from different sources and subsequently presenting them in a user-friendly graphic form. We will help your enterprise to speed up error detection in applications by ensuring services and applications monitoring.


IT specialist outsourcing

Is your enterprise in need for an IT specialist? We provide specialists in various technologies, i.e.: Java, microservices, application and data integration – ESB. Our specialists possess the required experience and they keep raising their competences by participating in courses and trainings in the industry. Our contract involves the delegation of one of our specialists to work in your enterprise within the stipulated hours. Such work can be carried out remotely or on site. In larger projects, we can also find specialists in other IT technologies and even form entire project teams: all this to make sure that the needs of your enterprise are satisfied.

  • Low costs

  • Specialists

  • Flexibility

  • Time saving

  • Higher standards

"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
- Carl Sagan

Our Solutions

Web and mobile applications

We develop web applications and, increasingly popular, mobile applications for portable devices. Our activity covers many areas and flexibility is what characterises us. We can design applications operating in real time. We will adapt to you to provide you with the best solution possible.

System integration

We design service-oriented architecture, selecting which solutions to use with your enterprise in mind. Depending on your needs, these might include a distributed architecture, that is microservices, or a monolithic ESB (Enterprise Service Bus). Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages: the decision whether to pick one or the other is dictated by the specific nature of the IT systems operating in your enterprise.

CybOS - Solutions

Smart projects for higher education institutions

Our team cooperates with higher education institutions in terms of e-learning solutions, which have become the core part of teaching in the times of the pandemic. Our software is easy to use and lets you save time as well as cut costs. It simply makes remote learning easier. We design interactive applications based on real-time communicaton.

Big Data and artificial intelligence

We can offer your solutions appropriate for managing data in large quantities. We use machine learning to analyse Big Data. This technology allows automatic and precise prediction. Artificial intelligence lets us optimise business processes. The deployment of such solutions leads to reduced costs and allows you to reach prospective clients more efficiently.

CybOS – Our Solutions

We work according to the Agile methodology. Such an approach makes it faster to deliver the finished product. We possess a cloud-based tool and we will share the work progress with you online. Our tools allow us to create and version documentation on the projects under deployment. We start by focusing on the aspects that are essential to you by preparing a minimum viable product (MVP). This first, basic version of the product lets us determine whether we are moving in the right direction and where to head for next in the development process. As a result, we can add subsequent functions without delays in delivering an operative product. As our client, you participate in the process of creating its final version so that it satisfies your needs. You are not waiting for months for the outcome which is a great unknown!


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In terms of implementing new technologies, we cooperate with the University of Warsaw, which is dynamically growing in the field of Big Data. In a recent attempt to meet the expectations of employers halfway, it has even opened a new major for second-cycle studies to train young people in that promising discipline.

Contact us

Do you have any questions? A problem to solve? Or maybe you want to share your knowledge? Write to us and we will respond immediately.

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